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Sig of the Moment

As doing a Sig of the Week, weekly, seems unlikely, and a month is too long imo. I've decided to start a SOTM. I'll do these competitions whenever I feel like, normally when I think this section needs a bit of a nudge

I want at LEAST 6 people to enter, I will not move ahead unless that number is met. Therefore, sign ups will remain open until we have enough with a due date posted afterwards.

Entries will be PM'd to me due to this, I don't want someones entry being posted say, a week earlier than someone elses.

There will be pleeenty of time to get your sigs in, so don't worry about that. A deadline of a week will be set once the sixth person has signed up.

Theme : Freestyle
Size : MAX 450X250
Due Date : 4th AUGUST 2010


First place - 250,000 and a custom made 'SOTM Winner' user bar I'll make ( see below ).
Second place - 100,000
Third place - 50,000

An extra 50k for the winner, and 25k for both second and third places due to hkado's generosity

Registration -

1)Michael Carson
6) hkado
7) jbritt
Winner can 'wear' this in their sig, if they choose to.

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