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Originally Posted by JakeS View Post
Recon, that sounds like some cool training (reffering to the bar walk, reminds of walking lunges from football, everybody would lunge across the gym a bunch of times carrying 45lb plates,,,the next day you'd see a bunch of us lineman walking around school rubbing our sore asses) I went to South Africa too Tabletop mountain = the shit, I love that country. and also I'm double majoring at Warren Wilson College one of those majors being Outdoor Leadership (a lot of outward bounds stuff) some people from the program go into what sounds like the kind of program you work in. Anyways, I saw you said you work with a foam roller 30 minutes. I've always seen those things and been interested in them but assumed they were for sexy female pilates instructors. anyways, what does it do and how do you learn to use em. I once did this thing were you step on and roll your foot over a tennis or lacrosse ball for 30 seconds and it was part of a stratching routine....kinda sounds similar

foam rolling is very similar to that, but instead of just your foot you can do most of your body, youtube it. i work at a program right outside of asheville. might be the same place i work

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