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I didn't end up fighting tonight which I am thankful for. Two other kids from my area did fight,,,,one being the kid in the picture several posts above, he was super crazy pissed agressive all throws and wild punches. Then we heard this pop and the other kid starts screaming. He had broke his damn ankle. Closed fracture but still....glad I didn't fight tonight. enough about that

Training wise I started learning kicks today. To my surprise the muscle memory I had from TKD as a 6 year old stuck to me. So my accuracy is actually pretty good I just have to get the pivot, look, lower shoulder, snap with the shin part down. I'm loving the freedom of combos I can throw with the kicks. so much funner than orthodox boxing.

Combos Practiced:

Lead foot comes back a little + punch with lead hand (but it's powered like a cross cause your lead foots back) + Kick with lead foot

Fake or real kick with lead foot + come around with back foot and kick

jab + lead foot kick

& The kick where you just strait kick em in the chest with your heel if they come in too fast

I'm really loving this kicking stuff especially as a southpaw with a little wrestling background cause I have sooo many ways I'm a threat and I can do everything basically from the same mma stance. the more I learn in this sport, the more I like it
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