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MMA Meets Pro-Wrestling? Your Thoughts?

this is a quote coming from the febuary edition of FightSport magazine.

"This summer, a new type of MMA event will see the light of day here in the USA. New Era Fighting has been described as the mix between the UFC and the WWE. The fights will be real, like in MMA, but the storylines will be false, like in Pro-Wrestling. Ron Kort, the president of the organization, is hoping in this way to draw fans from the two different genres of sports entertainment to make NEF ther most populer MMA event in the USA. UFC & Pride veteren Kimo Leopoldo is, at this time, the only professional fighter assciated with the project"

First right off, i'm dissapointed in the editors of this magazine for calling the UFC "Sports Entertainment". It most definitly is a sport. do not catagorize it with pro wrestling. With that being said, i think that this organization is a horrible idea. MMA is rising in popularity every day. It's finally being looked at, as an actual sport, and not some sort of spectacle of glorified street fights. And these fighters are being recognized as real athletes. The last thing MMA needs is to be catagorized in any way shape or form with Pro-Wrestling.

What do you guys think?
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