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OK, well when I first found this site it seemed like most of you guys were on the same page as me and knew what you were talking about. But after reading this thread you have proved me wrong.

First of all, I think it's funny how all the Shoni Carter haters use the same exact phrase word-for-word. "The spinning backfist is a disgrace to MMA". Coincidence? I think not. That tells me that you must also watch The O'Reilly Factor seeing how you can't come up with your own opinion.

If you knew ANYTHING about MMA then you would know that there is no such thing as a "disgrace to MMA" when it comes to strikes. Morons.

A spinning backfist is a ****ing move douchebags. That's like saying a ****ing punch is a disgrace to MMA. He threw a spinning backfist with the intention to hit Serra with it. He succeeded. How's that a ****ing disgrace!?

Was it a disgrace when Tim Sylvia kicked Tre Telligman in the head and knocked him out?

How about when Georges St. Pierre used a spinning back kick on Matt Hughes?

How about those flying knees from James Irvin and David Loiseau?

How about the countless lucky punches and the legal elbows allowed in the UFC?

I hope you realize that elbows are more of a disgrace than a targeted spinning backfist. You could be losing a fight horribly and throw one elbow and end the fight the same way a spinning backfist could without aiming, or cleanly hitting them, and win from doctor/referee stoppage or knockout. I took Tae Kwon Do for 9 years and I seem to remember a spinning backfist in my routine. We didn't use elbows too much but a lot of spinning kicks and strikes. And they are very painful and lethal and are extremely effective and not many people know how to utilize Tae Kwon Do into MMA other than Shoni Carter, Rich Franklin, Georges St. Pierre, Stephan Bonnar, and Patrick Cote.

For you to say that "Shoni Carter is a joke" is in itself a joke. Shoni Carter has more fights under his belt than almost anyone in all of MMA (66-13-7) I've only seen 2 other fighters come close to his record and that's Jeremy Horn (87-14-6) and Dan Severn (70-13-7).

And who gives a **** if he does drugs? If anything that just makes him more impressive. How many of you can fight almost 100 MMA fights under the influence of drugs? Grow up, you and I both know damn well that deep down, nobody cares about drugs. Everyone does them in some form so there's no point to criticize him for doing it.

I think I made my point and if anyone disagrees and still think Shoni Carter is a joke, the get in the ring with him and see for yourself. I hope he hits you right on your temple with his "disgraceful" spinning backfist.

Furthermore, you can all eat me. (except for the ones that agree with me)

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