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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Im thinking about buying a monitor in a couple of weeks. The one im currently using i have had for maybe 7-8 years now. It is a verrrry small flat screen monitor. I dont even know how many inches but i just took a ruler and measured it and it is about a 13&1/2 inch monitor (I also learned today that Monitor size is measured by the distance from one corner of the screen's viewable area to the diagonally opposite corner. "Which i had no clue"). The monitor i must say is suprisingly sturdy and in good condition. It isnt until recently that sometimes the Monitors Tint will go somewhat Pinkish but it usually reverts back in 3-4 seconds.

So iv been looking online for good monitors and looking at reviews and what not but just like with every other piece of technology i go shopping for, i like to know a good amount of detail on what im looking at. (Im only 20 years old but hate the idea of buying something that's more expensive to only finding out a month later that i could have bought something better for cheaper if only i knew what i was looking for.).<--- Bought a computer once, only to start studying on computer specifications half a year later only to learn that if i decided to build this computer myself i would have saved 500$ easy.

What im looking for is a good gaming monitor but im also not trying to blow a hole in my wallet. I also tend to look at the monitors specification but in reality i really dont know what im looking at. I tried looking for articles that explain what makes a good monitor and what spec is what but i cant find anything in good detail. Does anyone here know alot about that kind of stuff that can write me a decent overview on what spec is what and what i should be looking for the most. Or even better does anyone maybe know a good website that would have an article on this subject?? Also if you have any suggestions on monitors id love to see them. Im looking to spend around 200-400$ and size of the monitor isnt that important to me because 1. I dont have a crazy amount of room and 2. My current monitor is pretty damn small that any monitor now a days is a pretty big size upgrade. (I do want to make it 19Inches or over though.)

Thanks for any help.

Originally Posted by cisco2403 View Post
Some of the important things to look for is the resolution, refresh rate, contrast ratio and response time. If you are using it for gaming, you probably want something with good resolution and response time. The highest resolution you can go I believe is 1600x1200, basically the amount of pixels the monitor can display horizontally x vertically. The refresh rate is how fast the monitor can refresh the pixels on the screen. The faster the refresh rate, the more crisp the picture. You generally want something around 75 hz. The contrast ratio is the difference between the light and dark on the monitor. The higher the contrast ratio the brighter it is in light and the darker it is in black. The response time is how fast the pixels can change color therefore reducing streaks. A good response time for gaming is probably around 10-12 ms(milliseconds). If you are looking to spend around 200-400, you should be able to get a good monitor with at least a 19 in screen.
Newegg FTW! Deal ends soon dude. Some one more geekish should review this but spending 200-400$ is insane. This falls under your budget so you can spend the extra money on a CPU upgrade or sli your 8800 if you can.

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****en asd

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