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Mon 8-02: ran 2 miles in early PM; kickboxing at 6. After having run just once in the last week (on top of all my other classes b/c I feel running improves my cardio the fastest and most effectively) my cardio is already better. I was slow (10:10-10:00 mile STOP LAUGHING!) but only had to stop once, to stretch out my calves, which I always have to do anyway.
EDIT: Kickboxing was all pad work and live drills with some jump rope intervals in the warmup. I used all sorts of impractical things that I love, like double round kick, switch kick, spinning backfist, etc. One of my partners is still learning control, but she's improved quite a bit.
Tue: rode the bike for about 10 min while swplet did an extremely brief workout, then I did Shotokan which got on my last nerve b/c the sensei wants to teach maybe ONE dynamic combination floor drill per class. Then I did kata in full gi in the hot humid dojo.
Wed: Passing guard to mount, then passing to side control, other similar stuff that I forgot. There was more live stuff so I got some of that awesome lung-busting cardio that only grappling can provide.
Thur: 30 min bike in early PM, then judo, which was a lot of randori (I forget the Japanese for "intense movement" but that's what my sensei called it) then I practiced for 1/2 hour after class with my sensei and the guy I'm testing with. I'm reviewing all the USJA stuff we have to know for the written part of the test and I'm testing with my favorite throw (NOT) ippon seioi nage, uki goshi, (or o goshi with a different grip) o soto gari, and okuri ashi harai.
Fri: Rested like a piggeh.
Sat: Judo, which was a repeat of Thursday, which means there was a fair bit of cardio, and I was thrilled that we didn't stand around and talk half the time.

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