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Originally Posted by SJ View Post
In Order:

Ninja Turtles(From the original models to the halloween models where leonardo is wolfman etc.)

Power Rangers (The ones where the heads flipped out of their chests going from head>helmet, These guys were great for pro wrestling matches because they had jointed limbs.

GI-Joe (Never saw the shows, just had the 3-4" tall figures with the elastic inside to hold the legs on. THOSE GUYS were the best for having pro wrestling matches, because they could do sweet chin music)

And Then....

Beast Wars transformers. (So, so so so so so many of them, and so many epic battles on my bed. It took an hour to transform them all at the beginning of the battle, but I would go down the line .. " Ratrap, maximize!" "Terrasaur, terrorize!" )

I had a very lonely childhood.
I had Rhinox!!

Also, I use to play Pokemon card game and with POGS!

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