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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
My mother had breast cancer and I don't give care one whit about that as it relates to what Chael had to say about his ignorance over that. It's the fact that he's talking out of his ass over a subject he knows nothing about and is only using this subject to spout off his own narrow minded views.

Hype the Silva fight- it's working to perfection to make people actually care about a Silva title fight again to see the fight and see if he gets shut up or actually wins after talking so much smack. I have zero problem with that- but I don't like an ignorant jackass talking about things he knows nothing about. I hate the PC police and getting offended and calling this PC pussies reactions to this is bullshit and childish.

I'm not offended by a person who has no idea what they are talking about but acting like he knows exactly what has happened with another athlete is crap.

Hopefully after this fight he can solve who really killed JFK, slam everyone who has smoked pot and involve himself into the steroid problem in other sports to solve all those problems.

Stick to what you know otherwise you just paint yourself as an idiot. The PC argument is laughable and weak.
which is why people getting upset and offended over this all make it all the more laughable. Dudes a douche nozzle and what comes out of his mouth should be disregarded with a proper response like this: and move on.

Originally Posted by NotDylan View Post
****en asd
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