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Originally Posted by KnockinUout View Post
I have not been a big fan of jobs drug testing at all. There are select jobs where I can understand they would do it like police officer or pilot or something putting people in danger. But smaller jobs especially paying anywhere close to minimum wage should not be testing. The reason I bring this up is because I just got my second job that tested me and my results were not up to there par. First off when I was 14 I tested positive for cocaine and weed because I smoke a 51'er like an idiot for the first time but I got that job some how. I thought that was amazing. Now I go to an interview almost ten years later at a car dealership for a mechanics position and not mentioned in the add for the job but they say, "youll pass a drug test right?" and being on the spot I said yes. He gave me the paperwork and figured I am going to fail for marijuana might as well not go. Then I get called in again for a second interview and said they are awaiting on the results. Well, I figured its a cold chance they will call me again. Well today I basically woke up to the call of them saying we want you to start tomorrow. I could not believe it. I am a hard worker and do not mess around but it is amazing how I was still able to get the job. All in all I am so freaking happy about this though, I need it for my son. Moral of the story is: Just because you smoke alot of marijuana should not stop you from trying to get a job, Even at a place that will test you. I bet there are plenty of people that wouldve got a great job and keeped them good but the fear of failing and testing positive for marijuana has cost alot of people there jobs. Who here has lost or gotten a job after failing the drug test or not going? I want to see how common this might be.
a few things

1: Drug testing is pretty much standard practices these days. People should know this by now

2.Your employer probably said **** it and hired you because they are tired of paying for a drug test the last |20 people have failed|<----- happens all the time. Fools show up damn well knowing they cant pass a drug test and thus cost the company money. I could rant more on this based on my experience but im not.

3.Being fired or not hired because of marijuana is 100% their fault and 100% preventable.

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****en asd
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