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Originally Posted by ZeroPRIDE View Post
its been awhile since ive watched but last i remember Sato was around Gago Drago in terms of the MAX peaking order.

Should be

Giorgio Petrosyan
Andy Souwer
Albert Kraus
Buakaw Por. Pramuk
Artur Kyshenko

and perhaps Nieky but anyone after that is canon fodder to the top 5
Souwer and Kraus are done as top guys and Kyshenko would get torn to pieces by Petrosyan. I just think Sato is a nightmare matchup for Petrosyan stylistically and he won't be able to dictate distance and come in without being tagged like he does with everyone else. The gap between the elite and Sato was never really huge in my opinion either he would lose a lot to them but by close decisions and I think he has closed it recently. It all depends on the draw though for whoever wins it all and whether or not someone gets completely robbed like Buakaw was last year.
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