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I didn't realise it till now, but i think these days there's a contest between Sonnen and Toney, to see wich one is more stupid, wich one is a bigger doouche or a bigger retard.

And i have to admit it's a very close "fight". But it's a very entertaining one. Back and fourth action, Toney strikes hard, Sonnen counters beautifully with a takedown. Really exciting.
This is the best "fight" these 2 will ever put on.

I can't wait to see Sonnen starring at nothing after Silva Knocks him the f**k out.
Seriously, he is so frustrated and desperate for attention that he doesn't know what else to do.
What next?!!? Maybe he will trashtalk some athletes who take part in the Paralympics?! Common Chael, why not? Maybe there are some who injured themselves on purpose just to get simpathy and be paralympians?? Can you do it Chael?!?



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