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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
What Sonnen says is highly douchy and insensitive, but IMO it's somewhat true. It's just that we're groomed to be so politically correct that people like Lance or Michael J. Fox are untouchable because they support chemical "cures" for their diseases that in their case were probably acquired through reckless lifestyle choices.

Cancer, Parkinson's etc. are all lifestyle diseases that hardly existed 50 years ago but are rampant now, they are caused by pumping the body full of artificial chemicals (carcinogens and toxins) that toy with it's natural control mechanisms and were never meant to be in the body, all in the name of "science" and short term gain whether it's physical enhancement or recreational pleasure. Metaphorically speaking, Cancer is nothing more than cells in the body going rogue after being subjected to more and more horrible shit than they are willing to take.

This is not a shot at everyone who has Cancer or Parkinson's or any modern degenerative disease ... unfortunately we live in an age where carcinogens and toxins are everywhere, in food pesticides, fertilizers, artificial food colors and additives like aspertame, GM food, air pollution, pharma, water supply (through "treated" industrial pollutants), toxic chemical dies on clothes, radiation, X-Rays and so on in addition to lifestyle choices like heavily chemicalized cigarettes, lack of anti-carcinogenic fresh fruits and veggies etc in diet and so on. It's not always people's fault that they get these diseases in such an environment where it's near impossible to avoid such things completely, but our choices often have more to do with it than we like to admit, specially if it is at a young age.

So Lance probably did give himself Cancer from the steroids he did on top of the general exposure that we all have... just look at his wiki page, it's one long list of steroid scandals and accusations after another, many only shut out because the witnesses mysteriously bailed out (bribed) in court after their solid testimonies outside it. That combined with the fact that he broke all possible records beyond normal human ability that have stayed untouched for decades. It's not 100% proven, but it is likely. Same way Fox's alcoholism along with Hollywood's usual drugged out lifestyle may have had something to do with him getting Parkinson's.

And yes, Steroids can give you Cancer, due in part to the massive testosterone/estrogen imbalances they cause and also since steroids cause abnormal uncontrolled growth of cells, which is exactly what cancer is ... when uncontrolled cell growth goes bad.

In the same way, Parkinson's is a degenerative brain disease caused by neuron destroying chemicals and lifestyles like chronic alcoholism, massive doses of chemical brain altering drugs and psychedelics and so on in addition to the general toxicity of the world we live in.

Making yourself a Messiah and promoting "cures" for these toxic diseases with even more toxic medicine systems in not the answer IMO. Chemotherapy is nothing but big business making money from the poor victims of these diseases, poisoning the system further and reducing patients to helpless, tortured souls that have a survival rate of 33%, no higher than that without chemo.

So really, IMO people don't really survive cancer because of Chemo but in spite of it. I know someone who had Cancer and refused all these treatments, and just made lifestyle changes like a lot of fresh green veggies, no artificial diet, no chemical "meds" and so on and not only survived but is still alive more than a decade later. I'm not saying it always works, but the survival rate is just as high as chemo's meager 33%. I also have lots of grandparents and aunts who I watched suffer through almost a year of Chemo torture with everyone telling them how "brave" and "inspirational" they were being only to end up dead as any untreated person, except with a horrendously torturous last year of their lives that is still traumatizing for us to recall.

I no longer think "Cancer Cure" foundations are anything more than big pharma ploys. The very people encouraging chemical dependencies are telling you they're working on miracle "cures" .. just pop a magic pill and it's over. IMO The real world doesn't work like that, every disease has a lifestyle cause ... like poor hygiene, improper/processed/artificial diet, lack of exercise, stress etc. .. and "cures" involve making good life choices more than billion dollar donations to magic companies that'll make it all go away.

Still a douchy, insensitive thing for Sonnen to say, but just saying ... IMHO it's not all black and white.
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