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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
Whether or not Lance ever doped or not how in the hell does Chael know this for a fact? Is he a expert or blood doping, the tests Lance has taken and passed or supposedly failed that haven't been backed up yet, does he have secret inside information from the Tour De France and their testing policies that he can cite without a shred of doubt or is just talking out of his ass and expressing his opinion on facts he has no grounds to speak about?

The fact is he is talking out of his ass and just expressing his opinion not fact- that's bullshit IMO. If he has any proof then reveal it instead of just spouting off crap that he has no business acting like he knows it all.

There may be a day when Lance is proved to have cheated but it sure as hell won't come from the "expert" opinion of a jackass MMA fighter who is just trying to hype himself and opinions while acting like he knows it all.

I haven't have a problem with Chael while promoting this fight as it's worked and it's been pretty funny but talking out of your ass on subjects you don't know the true facts on is bullshit.

Chael needs to stick to what he knows and this latest crap is complete bullshit to act like an authority on a subject he is as qualified to talk about as you and me.
In a sport where people are winning who were dopped before and got suspended for two years, i strongly believe a 6-7? times champion like Armstrong is not legit.
I would bet any amount of money in the world that he is and was doped. I would even go so far, that it is hard to find people who are not doped at the tour de france. Maybe last place or sth
They should accept that the times of them are just to good to be true. Let them dope as they allready do it anyway, its their health, so why even bother to stop it. They should really learn it the hard way.

As for Sonnen, ofc this is not a nice thing to say, but he pointed out the obvious.
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