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Total domination here's how

At last I have done done it. I compleatly dominated title defense mode and here is how to do it.

You need some one with kick offense in the high 60s or better plus ok td offense

I took everyones favorite wrestler Matt Hughes and laid down some major GNP. The. Key to it is to beat the legs in the first round. Do this by moving backward and waiting for a big punch to miss the pound him with a couple leg kicks the repeat the process. Keep kicking his legs until he starts to wince in pain even when it's not a counter. 77% damage is the magic number I found. Once this happens blocking takedowns is almost impossible for your opponent unless he has his defense up before you shoot. The magical thing about Matt is when he finishes a TD he goes strait to side control where the bottom guy can't attempt subs and mat can move to the crucifix position. Once in the crucifix position throw some nasty elbows. Your opponent will get up eventually but just take him down and put him in the crucifix again. Do this till you get the tko.

With this strategy I tkoed everyone with the longest fight being an a class fight with gsp going to the 3ed. Some strategy like this may be used with other wrestlers but Matt is the one i did it with.

Hope this helps give me som feed back.

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