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Advice for the new guy?

Hey guys on the forum, been reading a few hours and thought I might as well join up as the advice given to others is incredibly informative and helpful.

Now, a little bit about me. I'm Ross, 18 years old from Brighton, England. (Hometown of John Hathaway) And I've been interested in MMA for a while now. I did about 6 months of kickboxing when I was 9 years old, but since I moved I never did it again. So I stopped, but always had that urge to start again to build confidence, since I'm the skinny guy.

Now, I'm thinking about learning some more martial arts, but this is where I need advice.

About a year and a half ago, I tore my ACL, whilst BMXing. And I had a hamstring graft in order to repair it a few months after tearing it. Rehab was great, I still do exercises every day on the knee in order to keep the muscle strength at its best. I still BMX today and without any problems. I've been rehabing since december now, and decided to get some advice on how long I should leave it before I begin MMA lessons, or even start.

I understand there's lots of pressure on the knees in certain martial arts such as Judo, however. Since I BMX, and regularly mountain bike a good 15 miles a week in one go, I feel a little bit more work on the muscle around the knee should give me more than enough stability.

What's your opinion, anything would be appreciated and any experience even more so

Cheers, regards.

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