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Originally Posted by dudeabides View Post
Matt Hughes is too good on the game. Why do they drop Liddell's numbers to show his current abilities but keep Hughes at his prime? His wrestling and submissions are very good, I can only beat him with guys that have great sub defense like BJ. That is when the computer on the hardest level's controlling him. Subs me like crazy but I can't ever sub him. When a real person controls him it's a little more realistic.
I have abandon all sub attempts in this game. Also when on expert I only stay on the ground when in a position where it is impossible for the bottom guy to sub me. Like side control or full guard postured up. Once they are in a position that they can sub me I get up immediately.

The way you beat Matt is keep holding back on the thumb stick so if he does shoot you catch him and can knee him. Also while doing it walk backward and counter his strikes after he throws a big punch or kick and misses. You can wear out his legs with the counters then take him down all the time or hit him in the head and try to ko him. I feel the first way is safer.

I agree though Matt is too good in this game.

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