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Originally Posted by Gluteal Cleft View Post
See if there's a concealed carry forum site for your area. If so, they're usually pretty willing to let you go to a shoot and try all of the various guns, and see which one works best for you.

I just did a google search, and it looks like this might be the place.

There's a whole lot of personal preference involved in pistols, and what other people like won't necessarily make you happy. You just have to put your hands on them and try them out. You can go to a range and rent different models, but it's cheaper and more fun to get together with other people who carry and try theirs.
I appreciate the input. I checked on that forum, and it's nearly completely inactive. I may join, we'll see.

Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
Hey I got my CCL too. I know alot about guns have many of them and am a competitive shooter in the USPSA and GSSF competitions and have won several matches. Also going to a combat pistol traink g class next weekend.

I will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Guns to look at are springfeild 1911s and xd's Smith and wesson revolvers also if your hand is big enough for them the new hk 45s are great.

This thread may attract some flamers so it would be ideal to discuss this through private messages.
Again, appreciate the input. I believe the Springfield 1911 is about the size I'm really looking for in a concealed weapon, but they're pretty expensive, starting around $800 from what I'd seen. Right now, I'm not a big revolver fan, but that may change after actually firing one. The HK 45's, like the 1911's, are pretty expensive. I know you get what you pay for when it comes to firearms, but what would you recommend for a bit of a cheaper price, including used?
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