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Originally Posted by UrbanBounca View Post
I appreciate the input. I checked on that forum, and it's nearly completely inactive. I may join, we'll see.

Again, appreciate the input. I believe the Springfield 1911 is about the size I'm really looking for in a concealed weapon, but they're pretty expensive, starting around $800 from what I'd seen. Right now, I'm not a big revolver fan, but that may change after actually firing one. The HK 45's, like the 1911's, are pretty expensive. I know you get what you pay for when it comes to firearms, but what would you recommend for a bit of a cheaper price, including used?
Look for an fn highpower or browning highpower they are what evolved into the 1911.

If you are looking for good deals on used guns go here to

Here is what i carry
For the summer I carry a Springfield 1911 champion light weight operator.
In the winter months I carry a hk45 compact. I can't conceal it well in the summer because
it's too big.
Also I carry a smith&wesson m&p revolver in my pocket when I can't carry my 1911 or

You may want to look at a glock 19 or XD compact they are a little bigger but cheaper. And they don't fail. These guns can be beat to hell and still work

Also if you do get a 1911 only get Springfield they are the best balance quality and
reliability in a 1911 also buy Wilson combat mags instead of the regular
mags. The cheaper mags will cause the gun to jam.

Also without a doubt you should buy a s&w J frame snub nose revolver with a pocket holster. There will be many times where for some reason or another you won't be able to
wear a gun on your hip that's when you use this in you pocket. They are hard to shoot because of their size but with som practice you should get it down ok. Also they only carry 5 rounds but that's better than nothing also more times than not when using it you won't have to fire a single round. I and a few of my friends and my father have been in bad situations before when threatened and as soon as the criminal saw the gun they bugged out. You may find yourself caring the j frame more than you think because it is more convenient easier to conceal and more comfortable to carry.

So with your price range you are looking at a glock 19 or xd 9 compact
Plus a j frame revolver.

Also you need to shoot the different calibers and decide what you want. 45acp is the more powerful round than the 9mm but kicks more. However the kick witness the 45 is a push instead of a snap or flip like the 9mm. The two cuna I listed are 9mm both glocks and XDs come in a compact form with other calibers.

Your j fram revolver should be a 357 magnum. If you get a 357 magnum you can shoot either the 38 special round or the much more powerful 357 round out of the same gun because the bullets are the same diameter only the 357 round is longer.

Hope that helps

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