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Fruits & Vegetables
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We ran out of milk tonight, my mother was supposed to pick some up, but she smoked up and couldn't drive, so I had to jog down to the store before it closed...I got there and they were all out of 4L bags of milk (3 bags in 1 bag = 4L)

They usually sell these for $3.99. I ended up having to buy a 2L carton of milk for 4.89.


4L for 3.99
2L for 4.89

Same ******* brand, but because it's in a carton it costs a dollar more for 1/2 as much.

Oh, and the best thing is that we actually have 1% milk at home, and he will drink it and not even notice a ******* difference, unless you tell him it's 1%. (My father has to always have 2%)

I could have tried jogging to the other store in town like he suggested, but my legs were bothering me from the jog to the first store.


"You have a big word for a guy who don't have a gi right now." - Renato Laranja
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