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sorry i havent been posting much lately guys, remember that knee injury i was ranting about? yeahh i found out i tore my meniscus so i was off training, getting back in now though, was working through a lot of things slowly technique wise while i was off and am testing for my red belt here shortly in tae kwon do (afterwards is black....going to be a horrendous test i have 55 pages of techniques to know, plus patterns and a shitton of breaking, going to be fun....)

anyways, im just trying to get my strength and cardio up, im going to be alternating days on though i went swimming for a couple hours and then later in the day maxed out my bench to figure out where i am strength wise...was about 208, so i've got a ways to go if im going to be as strong as i was before, weighing in about about 167 right now, need to get back down to cutting range for 145, should be fun! i feel so out of shape right now it sucks ass.

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