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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Dominating someone for 23min is something that only a better fighter can do. Getting a submission after getting your ass kicked for 4 and a half rounds is something only lesser fighter with alot of luck on his side can do. I bet the house that next time Chael never gets caught.
Really? Triangle Choke lucky? Really? well maybe he wouldnt have gotten it if Chael didnt **** up and put himself in a position for Anderson to lock it up. Its not like Chael is a God as defending submissions anyways.... that is like his ultimate weakness and will continue to be if he keeps thinking BJJ is "gay" Like he said.

The only way to get a lucky win in MMA is by the judges decision or a Referee mistake. You dont get lucky finishing a guy in any way shape or form. Did Chael beast for 23 minutes? Yes. Was he winning up until he got choked out? Yes. But this is MMA and if you can dominate a guy but not finish him its your own damn fault for getting KO'd, TKO'd, or submitted in the final minute or seconds.

Chael lost and Anderson won. There was nothing lucky about any of it.
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