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Rating a grappler

It's easy to look like a great wrestler or grappler (I will use the terms interchangeably) when you are exercising those skills against a competitor who has little or no wrestling training.

Some MMA competitors are considered to be great grapplers simply because they get takedowns, but that isn't really a great determining factor because many of their opponents don't mind fighing from their backs. Some prefer to be there.

Also, it's ridiculously easy to take down and control (ride) someone who has no wrestling training. Even an average wrestler could stay on top of, and in control of, a much heavier opponent for a considerable amount of time if that opponent was not trained in wrestling.

Many MMA fighters have the most basic wrestling training and therefore can be taken down easily from a clinch or when they are fatigued. They are also easy prey to a deep shot that ends in a double or single leg if they don't land a punch.

Chuck Liddell is rumored to be a very good wrestler. I've never seen him use the skills, but I have seen him effectively demonstrate an effective enough sprawl against MMA fighters to avoid beong taken down. However, a highly skilled Greco Roman wrestler named Randy Couture virtually took Liddell down at will.

With wrestling, it's easy to look great against poorly trained opponents.

If you want a grappler to emulate for success in MMA. You will need to pick one who has made the successful adaptation from wrestling where the competitors are not trained in finishing or submissions to MMA.

Two good examples would be Couture and Matt Hughes.

Ray Mardo
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