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Originally Posted by KnockinUout View Post
Leed and xeberus just got paid motha F*word's. I will shoot 1 more million for the most racist, sexest or down right dirty joke ever. It needs a jaw dropping, sound stopping just straight up No way he just said that shit response. I will wait for it too, If it takes a day or a year I dont mind. Once my jaw drops so does the moneyyyyyyyy!!!!$$$$$$$$$$
A pregnant women gets rushed to hospital for a premature birth, they rush her into the operating theatre, cut out the baby and then Rush the baby off to the emergency room for life saving treatment.

2 Hours later the doctor comes back to the mother and say I have some good news and some bad news, the mother asks what's the BAD news? the doctor says "your baby has ginger hair", the mother then asks what's the GOOD news? the doctor says "its fcuking dead"

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