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breakfast: oatmeal with milk, raisins, and a bit of brown sugar, vitamin b6 supplement (10000%) and vitamin b12 supplement (16,667%) you think this is too much?

snack: protein shake (20g), a banana

lunch: walleye, green beans with a bit of sea salt

dinner: walleye on spinach with black olives

workout 1: 1 mile run, i was winded....stamina is shite, stretched for 10 min after this

workout 2: 5 3 minute rounds of bagwork, followed by 100 ab twists (dunno what the actual name is, i just laid on my weight bench, went slightly above parallel and twisted to the right and left and counted it as one...good burn for someone out of shape like me :P)

pretty iffy day, i worked up quite a sweat doing hardly anything, its going to be a long road back to being in shape.

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