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Sun: rested
Mon: kickboxing (jump rope/plank/pushup/situp intervals, then kick shield and pad drills) then point sparring (about 9 rather intense 30-second rounds). I realize intense is a contradiction in terms, but everybody was bigger than me and I felt like I had to run away a lot in an attempt to tire them out. Don't worry, I did my share of striking. I wasn't just dancing around.
Tue: rested, because I think it was the hottest day of the week. I hope I'm right.
Wednesday: goshinjitsu karate (kata), then MMA combination, which was rotating heavy bag/GnP drills, then some live standup and takedowns that were super fun, even though my sprawl is somewhat lacking.
Thur: judo: uchikomi, butsu gari gaiko, ne waza. I got kezigatame and katagatame backwards like a dumbass.
Fri: Shotokan, where we did not a damn thing but two kata and some related drills. That class is turning out to be a whole lof of nothing. I'm not sure I'm going to continue with it.
Sat: Judo (just like Thur except no ground) then 25 min. stepmill.

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