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woke up late today so i only had time for one workout later in the day

bench press, 3 sets of 2 reps at 203 pounds, only got one on the last set though

100 ab twists

pullups, 3 sets of 14

knuckle pushups, 2 sets of 30

squat jumps, 3 sets of 20

triangle pushups, 3 sets of 20

sprawls on the yoga ball, 3 sets of 20

felt pretty worn out after this, i've been feeling really tired in general lately though, getting back in shape sucks

diet: breakfast: oatmeal with milk and a couple eggs sunny side up on the side, vitamin b6 and b12 supplements
snack: protein shake, 20g
lunch: spinach and eggs
didnt have time for a second snack, was at work
dinner: couple chicken breasts with corn

"Only a warrior can choose pacifism, others are condemned to it."

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