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Phase 1; Water bag

Okay so its been a wee bit since I posted anything...

So it begins:

10 of the past 12 days were the regular workout, which I really haven't been enjoying. I feel like I haven't been pushing myself nearly hard enough. For this reason I thought up a new workout around day #5 or #6. I've been critiquing it for a couple days. But finally started the first phase yesterday...

It breaks down pretty simply:

Phase 1 Cardio (10lb ankle weights)
-Deep Stretches (Orthodox splits, Chinese splits, etc.)
-Warm up (.5 miles, running pace)
-Part 1 5/5 Heavybag session (vigorous)
-Part 2 2/1 HIIT
-Cool down Shadowboxing

Its not a very long workout, only about an hour, but its very high intensity. I have never been so drenched in sweat through a hooded sweat shirt in all my life!

The most important aspect of this section is, obviously by the title, cardio. I believe there is no such thing as perfect cardio, just better cardio. And I strive to develop that, better, level of cadiovascular endurance.

Another aspect of this training that is very important to me personally is the ankle weights. One of my biggest problems I have with myself is that my kicks aren't fast enough. I can't snap my body around, or lean back and rotate over, fast enough. The additional resistance of the ankle weights has already shown apparent improvement in this area. My only hesitance with the use of them is damage to my knee and to a lesser degree my hip joints. I haven't felt any negative effects yet. And I've been using the weights for about a week now to try and get used to the additional weight, so the jury is still out...

I feel great after the workout. Drenched in sweat, and I can feel the energy/oxygen vacuum I've created, but not physically exhausted. I attribute this to bettering cardio, as well as a better diet.

Dietwise, I have been trying to keep eating healthy(ish) and have succeeded for the most part, aside from having 3 of 4 beers and a Sprite while watching UFC 117. I'm drinking iced tea at work now. Its lemon flavored (so annoyingly terrible) but its flavorful and not bad for me, so it'll do!

Otherwise, I finally got a new bag. Its a 130lb water bag from It was on sale for 79.99, plus shipping it worked out to about 130.00 so there was no way I'd pass on it! It seems to be worth the money. It hangs a little too low for my tastes so I'll have to rig up some sort of wooden beam Rube Goldberg thingy to hang it up!

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