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Mickey Dubberly, the CEO of K.O. Dynasty Sports Management has a simple message for Bellator head Bjorn Rebney: Stop lying.

Dubberly and his client, Jonathan Brookins, are among the defendants targeted alongside Zuffa, LLC in a lawsuit filed today by Bellator that claim tortious interference was at play in Brookins' recent run on "The Ultimate Fighter 12."

But Dubberly told ( that he and Brookins took part in no such wrongdoing and that statements Rebney today made were filled with inaccurate claims.

Rebney told that he and matchmaker Sam Caplan had been hard at work trying to arrange bouts for Brookins, but Dubberly disagrees.

"That is a lie," Dubberly said flatly. "Jonathan hasn't fought for Bellator since April 3, 2009, so obviously Sam hasn't been trying too hard to get Jonathan fights.

"One fight in 13 months doesn't seem trying much for a fighter that you seem so fortunate to have. I got one call for Jonathan to fight from Bellator, and that was in May 2010 and on two-weeks' notice."

Bellator's lawsuit contends that Dubberly lied about his client's health in an effort to hide the fact that Brookins was competing as a contestant on the recently taped Spike TV reality series "The Ultimate Fighter 12," which is set to debut in September.

Dubberly insists that's simply not the case.

"Jonathan was injured training in Iowa in May when I received the call from Bellator," Dubberly said. "He just had stitches taken out and also had a hurt foot, so Bjorn should get his facts straight, and this can be backed up with hospital records. Bjorn should do a little more due diligence on his part before making false statements."

And it's due diligence that lies at the center of the case. Bellator claims that the UFC acted maliciously when it signed Brookins for the reality show while he was still under the terms of an exclusive promotional contract for Bellator that was implemented in March 2009.

Dubberly insists Caplan verbally informed him of Brookins' release – as well as the release of another client, Joey Gorczynski, who fought just once under the Bellator banner.

"When I asked Sam about a fight for Jonathan Brookins and Joey Gorczynski back at the end of January – and both had open contracts under Bellator – Sam stated, 'Oh, we released both those guys, but maybe in the future they could fight for us again."

While Rebney today told that any fighter released from Bellator receives written notice, Dubberly contends that's not true, either. After all, Gorczynski has since fought eight times for a variety of organizations with nary a peep from Bellator officials.

"Joey Gorczynski, who signed a five-fight deal, never got release forms," Dubberly said. "But Sam told me that Bellator released him, and he has fought for several different organizations since he fought for Bellator.

"Joey didn't even know he was released until I told him that Bellator released him. He never received any documents, and neither has my company."

Since competing for Bellator in April 2009, Brookins has earned a pair of victories fighting for the Florida-based G-Force Fights brand without issue. Dubberly believes Bellator is simply scrambling now that Brookins was revealed as a castmember for "The Ultimate Fighter 12" and hopes to profit off of his newfound fame.

"Bellator never signed off on Jonathan's two fights outside of Bellator," Dubberly said. "That's a lie because they already released him. Jonathan was released from Bellator, so that is why they did not care that he fought two other fights outside of the organization. If Bellator 'counts themselves fortunate' to have Jonathan signed to an 'exclsuive' deal, why would they let him fight twice in another organization and keep him inactive for over a year and have their matchmaker tell me he is released?

"We believe the only reason why Bellator is pursuing anything is because Jonathan is on the 'TUF 12' show, and they want to capitalize for their own profit."
reaching much? bellator needs to try harder, this case seems pretty ridiculous. why use an injury to hide a fighter going on a reality tv show. i mean its not like doing that will make it impossible to find out.

lol fail

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