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Originally Posted by jayjay
yesterday i went to my first muay thai class, since i am getting back into martial arts and i want to compete eventually in the future i never trained in a striking art but i was a little disapointed cause the class had 1 teacher and a fighter in mauy thai helping. The class consisted of about 13 people and the other students have been to the mauy thai class before the stance is very difficult and this was my first time even in a striking class it was like he had us doing drills of kicks,punches,knees,and elbows to the heavy bag and alot of push up's and running around the mat alot of exercise and cardio i am used to learning one thing at a time like in all the other arts i have taken they will go over a move and make you drill it until you are comfortable with the move and also can master it when i first got to the class the fighter that was helping out the teacher was helping me learn the stance for about 15 minutes then i got partnered up with a guy that has been in the class for a year he said he competes and is a black belt in akido, judo and a brown belt in bjj the thing that i did not understand was why partner me off if i don't even know the right stance yet i was confused the whole class and the guy they partnered me with was not so friendly and since he was doing it a year i thought he would help with the movements but he really just wanted to let me block his elbows when i signed up at the school it was 125$ for bjj and to use the gym it was only 25$ more to take another art it was between muay thai and boxing but since my muay thai class i don't know what i should do cause there is only 1 teacher and the fighter that helps him the teacher seems to know alot he used to be a mauy thai champion in my bjj classes there are 3 sometimes more teachers even though there is alot more people in bjj you learn one move at a time and you keep doing it until you can do the movement flawless but the mauy thai class i was everywhere i never hit a punching bag i mean i have no stand up at all and in the drills i did not know how to kick right or anything i can always switch to boxing or stick it out in the mauy thai class i want to learn everything i can the guy i was partnered up with told me that eventually i will start to get the hang of it i am very confused what would you guys do in my situation.thanks
its that Muay thai and most striking arts require alot of movement during a bout that classes are done in a more dynamic way. If possible try talking to the instructor explian that you were feeling lost.. perhaps he can have of the more advanced students work with you . But the main thing is hang in there. THat is a decent size class 2 instructors basicly with 13 students is not so bad.. grappling usualy has a higher teacher student ratio since its harder to see things when on the ground for a teacher.. try not to get discouraged and hang in there..

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