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Cutting Weight

I posted this on the newbie thread, but figured I would have better luck with responses here.

Fighters cut weight to be at the highest strength/body weight ratio possible. That makes sense to me. What I don't get is why they cut for every fight. They'll cut 40 pounds for a fight, then put it back on right after.. and then cut again, etc.... I mean why not just keep it off? Wouldn't that be easier/just as effective? Wouldn't you retain just as much strength?

What do you think is the optimal body fat % to fight at without being too low?

How much straight water weight does a fighter usually cut right before a weigh in? Obviously too much would leave you dehydrated and weak.. but Im sure most do to some extent.. whats the 'general limit'do you think.

-I realize there is no exact answer.. everyone is different.. im just looking for some opinions/views.
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