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New Anderson vs GSP poll.

Sonnen put a beating on Silva, there's no doubt about it.

The fight showed Anderson is human.

In my opinion I've thought that GSP sitting on the sidelines watching Anderson annihilate his competition made him think 'man, der is no way I want to fight dis guy', but now that Sonnen did such a good job, I wonder if that has changed. Perhaps in Dana Whites mind also?

What I want to know is what YOU think?

I've chatted with casual fans and they think GSP would pummel Silva.

In my opinion, I think Silva takes this... here's my reasoning.

The better question to ask is, do you think GSP could beat Sonnen? I just don't think so. Sonnen is bigger and stronger and has even more confidence than GSP.

However, GSP's cardio and discipline might be better then Sonnen.

This is a very tough call, and want to see how everyone else thinks.

Vote up top, then comment below.
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