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Did my second private today with Gerbil

We continued with reviewing the side control roll to reverse mount, knee bar, heel hook, calf crush. I asked him today to do new entries into these moves. We worked on them from bottom half guard, top half guard, and north south. Also got introduced to toe holds when the angle for the knee bar isn't right. We're going to review and keep building on these things over the rest of my stay here. I genuinely believe I can incorporate all these new aspects into my game and pick up some brand new and very valuable tools. I know how quick I am to tap to leg locks, it's a fear of the unknown sort of thing. I can turn this aspect around and use these scarier and more unknown submissions on future opponents.

I'm not going to go over the details today, because they're still foggy, and Gerbil said we can video record all these moves at some point for future use. Probably a good idea, because I'll struggle explaining all of these, even to myself.

I've been really lazy lately. I don't know if it's lazy, but something's been wrong with my body and I haven't been keeping up the training frequency I'd like to. It's been since that flu. I feel good and train twice, then feel like ass again the next day. Just going to keeping pushing at it until I can train up to my potential again.
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