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Originally Posted by tentacles View Post
Hi, I'm not sure if I am posting in the right place but I couldn't find anywhere relevant.

I want to start doing MMA mainly to maintain fitness/body tone but I'm a little bit worried. I'm gay and a regular meth user and the MMA scene is intimidating to a guy like me. Would there be many trainers that would be willing to take on a guy with my 'habits'?

I weigh 182 so i'm not a huge guy but I really just want to do it to stay in shape and maybe have some fun / meet new people while i'm at it.

What gym work would you recommend I do to get me started? I would be willing to take small amounts of steroids if I need to beef up a bit.

Oh and I live in Melbourne, Australia so if there are any trainers around there that are interested send me a holler!

Lol. wrong section bro. Also if you dont get your shit together you're gonna die young. If you care about your health then stop doing meth. Weed is a good alternative if u must do something.
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