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Originally Posted by UrbanBounca View Post
My ******* 'cyst' update: It's ******* painful as hell, even after using antibiotics and pain medicine for the past 36 hours. I've read where it can take ~48 hours for an antibiotic to work, but for crying out loud, I'm in so much pain. I can't sit because it kills me, and I can't lay on my stomach, because it kills my lower back.

This is not ******* fun.

Oh, and it's almost doubled in size since the doctor visit.

Call his answering service. If the cyst has grown (and it sounds like an alarming degree of growth) and you are still in pain even after having been on antibiotics for this long, you may need a higher dose or different drug. You def. don't want the infection going systemic. Doctors are extremely well compensated for this type of thing, so don't hesitate to call him immediately.

I had a great judo class, then jumped on the stepmill for 25 minutes, then shower, laundry, a pancake, and then driving older swplet to a party. I plan on introducing myself to the hosts, who are the parents of Swplet's BF's friend. If they offer me a beer, so much the better.

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