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Was feeling much better today. I drowned a few ibuprofen with a redbull and headed to the weights gym. Never let a concussion get in the way of a good workout. Toned down my marathon workout from last Saturday as far as exercises go, but upped the weights slightly. Something to do with my recent brain swelling made me dizzy in a couple sets so I failed early. There's no good in passing out in a squat with no bars to catch it.

DB Bench 3x6@75lbs
Squats 6,6,4@195lbs
Deadlifts 3x6@195lbs
Military Press 6,6,4@105lbs
DB Rows 3x6@75lbs
Lying Leg Curl 3x10@130lbs
Leg Press (heel to ass)3x6@270lbs
Leg Press Calf Raises)3x6@270lbs
EZ Bar Curl 1x6@105lbs

Natasha, one of the front desk girls that stole my heart last saturday, wasn't working. There was another girl with equal qualifications, but alas, no english at all is a no go for me.
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