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i forgot to update yesterday, i just rested like a bitch ....i for the most part ate healthy, cant remember exactly what i had, i know i cheated and had a mountain dew though, but i guess one wont hurt

so for today

workout 1: 20 min jumprope, 10 min stretching

workout 2: 10 3 minute rounds of sparring with 2 minutes between each round, i was EXAUSTED.


breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries, vitamin b6 and b12...i also bought some mega men energy and metabolism multivitamin thing im going to try cus i got it for free from gnc, i find it kind of funny it says men in the title and then on the bottom says warning do not get pregnant....also i bought some acai splash shit i've heard some great reviews about so im going to try that for atleast a month once a day in the morning

snack: a couple bananas

lunch: grilled salmon, broccoli, and brown rice

dinner: shrimp and spinach

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