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Originally Posted by recon6991 View Post
Read his whole log, he is training pretty intelligently for his goals, with a little hypertrophy accessory work. It is a pretty proven way to pack on muscle. It is not how I train, but if it works, then what is the problem?
My strength trainer has a ton of experience training athletes but most of his experience is body building. I really like how he mixes up different training methods to achieve the training goals. Before I started training with him I never would of thought about doing cable chest presses or bicep curls but I love how they hit multiple muscle groups instead of pure isolation which is bad for athletic training.

My new leg workout which is extremely hypertrophy specific is awesome. Also on the note of HST one of the most well know and world renown Olympic strength trainers swears by hypertrophy and invented German Volume Training.

In the end there are 100 different ways to skin a cat and different people respond to different training methods.

As for me not doing a lot of bench presses it is a lot easier and safer on my left should which had a bankart reconstruction a few years back. There is still a little bit of instability and the strength in it isn't equal to my right shoulder but we are working on it.

As for you Halloway... You need to get a ******* clue and seriously troll somewhere else. Stop filling my training log with your shitty attempts at trolling. Every post of yours is a negative response to someone.

"A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood." - General George Patton
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