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Your Opinion on PRIDE Rules and UFC Rules

The major restriction i see in pride is that elbows are not allowed whereas UFC does not allow kicks to the head to a downed opponent. If there are anymore major differences please state them.

Anyway, i don't like how the UFC doesn't allow kicks to the head of a downed opponent because it caters to grapplers. ie: in Silva Vs Lutter when Lutter messed up his takedown he just crawled all his way to Silva and grabbed onto his leg for a takedown. Had those been Pride rules he woulda been kicked in the face until he was all busted up. I really don't like that particular rule. I understand the UFC has to deal with the safety commision so its not like i'm not aware. I also hate the fact that people can do up kicks grom the ground, but people can't do stomps back at them.

One thing that UFC really lacks in the rules category are fence grabbers. Ugh, at least in Pride they have people to shove your hands off, but in the UFC there were so many times in fights where some jackasses just grabs the fence so and gets away with it. Kenny Florian being a pretty damn good example. I think they should get one or two warnings, and then a frigging yellow card or disqualification from the fight after that. (yellow card meaning a 10% pay cut) That or a free takedown by their opponent. Ie: make them stand back up and Sherk gets to slam the shit outta Florian.

There seems to be a lot of Lay and pray fighters in a few divisions that really make the fights suck more than they should. The referee should be empowered to kick the Lay and Prayer in the rib cage to indicate for him to be active, if he doesn't do anything again within 30 secs then another shot to his rib cage, each time reducing his time by 5 seconds prior the next hit.

I'm somewhat sitting on the fence in regards to the No elbow rule in Pride. I understand it sucks to win by cuts, but it also limits Muay Thai experts which is an integral part of MMA. Overall i guess i would be for elbows rather than against even if there end up being more stoppages due to cuts.

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