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Sunday: rested. Every single f*cking day for the past six weeks, with the exception of maybe 4 or 5 days when it rained, has been hot and very humid. I walked about 2 miles altogether with my dog, but I do that just about every day anyway. I have got to ice my left Achilles tonight. There are a few new people in the Monday and Wednesday evening classes, so my teacher has abandoned the 15 straight minutes of jump rope he loves so much, which my Achilles hates so much. I know jump rope is super awesome cardio, but it makes my calves tighten up like mad. I'd do insane amounts of pad and bag work before I jumped rope that long habitually. My teacher has a f*cked up knee, and he is totally going to get arthritis in that knee if he keeps jumping rope on it obsessively.
Mon: fun super mega fun partner pad work, then point sparring.
Tue: rested b/c legs hurt a lot from yesterday.
EDIT: Holy shit I can't believe I haven't kept this up this week. Wednesday was all standup.
Thur: judo, a lot of the drills have become more cardio-type drills, probably since we told the sensei how much we loved when the brown belt taught and made us move around a lot and sweat hard. I have bleached my gi twice and I'll probably have to do it again.......stupid well water.
Fri: rested
Sat: judo yellow belt test, not terribly demanding
Sun: rested

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