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Originally Posted by recon6991 View Post
Read more Dave Tate then before you keep talking about something you no nothing about. If you question Dave Tate then you are more ridiculous than I thought. Even a leg curl can be a compound exercise if you are squeezing with your hands, working the forearm...
If you are seriously trying to tell me that curls are compound movements then you guys are farther gone than I thought. And lol @ the leg curls while squeezing your hands.

Originally Posted by mroutdoorsman View Post
Since I do like to educate... The cable bicep curl is most definitely a compound movement.

Everything the movement hits is as follows:

* Biceps Brachii

* Brachialis
* Brachioradialis

* Deltoid, Anterior
* Trapezius, Upper & Middle
* Levator Scapulae
* Wrist Flexors

Those list are just for the arms. As with most standing cable exercises there is some tension put on the core also especially if you take a step or two away from the cable machine.
Wow. Alright, for one, a compound movement is defined as as an exercise that moves the body through more that one joint of movement. Say a squat, which bends you at your ankles knees waist and hips. Now curls on the other hand..not so much. It's been fun teaching you and all, but I think you should look into another strength coach as your current one hasn't even taught you the basics.

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