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Weekend was mediocre. Less than a month left, yikes. A few people participated in a tournament and I went to watch.

Gringo class

Gerbil taught. Warmed up with armbars from guard. Then armbar, they pull their arm out, to triangles. Some points to note on the second exercise is to use the leg going over the back of their head, at the knee, to push off and move your hips. You can also use your other leg at their hip if you're gripping the leg over their neck to keep posture broken. The point is to get that angle on the transition to triangle, you should be in line with their trapped arm if you need to switch back to an armbar.

Technique today was closed guard passing. The guard break is both hands on their biceps with broken posture, one hand moves and grips at the center of the lapel, straight arm as the other hand moves to their hip and grabs at the pants, knuckles in and arm straight. This arm is on top of the leg as you lean towards that side, keeping arms straight. Then the hand at lapel goes to the other hip, still straight arming, elbows turned outside to make it more difficult to break posture. Then you just walk your knees and hips back to open it. From there, the pass is the same as in this video, when he circles outside the legs.
Stack guard pass
One detail that was different is from the stack he uses one hand to take a collar grip before walking his legs around and shrugging past the opponents guard.

We also learned an alternative from this pass. You can sit back with that gable grip over their legs, with their hips up on your knees. You use one hand to take a grip at their lapel, a low grip that takes out all the slack but allows you to bury your elbow deep to your hip. Then you can shrug past their legs similarily to the first. The grip is important, because they feel like they can roll away or reguard because you have very little attachment to their body, however that one grip essentially traps them.

We did split shifts rolling alternating with partners. We got in a small but very skilled purple from Socal today which proved to be a very challenging roll for me. Good class. Tonight I'm going to do the Brazilian class and attempt a boxing class immediately after.
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