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Brazilian class. Techniques were some sweeps from half guard, probably not anything I'm going to make use of though.

We drilled half guard and I did decently passing a few guys.

In rolling I got a couple Brazilian blue belts that were smaller than me. I had two really great back and forth rolls with both of them and focused on being the more technical and calm one instead of muscling around to win. Got an armbar from mounted triangle.

There was a sambo guy in there today, straight out of Russia. He looks exactly what you'd expect a hardcore Russian Sambo guy to look like...think Fedor face with Pride days Wanderlei Silva body...all I could think about was Soviet Russia jokes from Family guy. Anyways, I didn't get matched, but I think he's a black belt in Sambo, do they rank in belts? Anyways, he had a blue belt on in class and he was going ******* hardcore. He did a hardcore kneebar on a guy he was rolling which I think is illegal at blue belt here, and also something they want you to be gentle with. The Brazilians caught on and everyone was eyeing him very warily by the end of class. Interested to see if they match him up with the best guys in class to contain him a bit or sick him upon me, the big disposable gringo, next class.
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