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I know I haven't posted in awhile now, but I've been going hard.

Let's see where I left off in my updates.

I enjoyed the bag sessions I got in last week, I ended up getting four of them in with that half hour to start the week and 3 hours later in the week.

I bought a single-handed curl bar on tuesday or wednesday.

I have put it to good use, the only downside is it has a diamond etch for the hand grip. This is good but I am not used to having the etching.

I've cannibalized 30 pounds from the straight-bar set up I've got and tossed it onto the single hand bar.

I have added a new series of lifts with this new addition.

The single-handed curl, (I can't be sure what it's called), but you pull the weight to your chest from the floor, single handed overhead presses, and single handed lifts from between the legs to over the head from the floor.

The last lift is one you can use with kettle-balls but I don't have the money right now for these monsters.

I have added a new circuit series for curls as well.

I worked on the new lifts tuesday through friday and took rest days over the weekend.

My new curl circuit is to start at 5 lifts as a set then add a lift and go up to 25 lifts. Basically the only rest I get for each arm is how long it takes me to complete the set on the other arm.

For my new routine it goes as follows:

Monday-Tuesday I do the curl circuit and my power slash cardio circuit minus the 60 pound dual curl x 4 a day.

I also am doing 300 sit-ups on these days as well.

For Wednesday-Friday I work on the bag. These days I warm up with my power/cardio circuit and stretch out the hit the bag.

Yesterday was a good lifting day, I went to a local gym that has given me a 3-time visitors pass. I need to make the most of my 2 hour time frame when I go there the next two times.

I Focused on my core to start the 90-minute session, went to cardio next for 15-minutes and finnished with some more core work...legs...and arms.

I love working on the curl-press machine, I started at 60-pounds went to 90, 120, 150 and 170. I did sets of 50's from 60 to 150 and did a set of 25 for the 170.

I did 2 sets of this before I went to cardio.

I got on a treadmill for the cardio I built up to 5mph over the course of the 15 minute run. I was drenched but felt good.

After this 15-minute session I went back and did 2 more sets of the curl press station.

After working on my core I went to the hip press machine.

I did sets of 10 presses starting at 90 for form and worked from there to 120,150,170,190,210,230,250 & set my high at 270.

I came to failure after getting 3 presses in at 270 pounds.

After the work on the hip press I tried something new a torso twister. I had never used this machine so I went for form with the 10-pound to start.

I did sets of 15, starting at 60-pounds, 90-pounds, 120-pounds and 150 pounds.

After this I did a cable preacher curl exercise and set a new curl weight record at 100 pounds dual armed. I had never tried this weight so I was happy with the new weight.

I got 15 lifts at 100 pounds!

I hope when I go back on my next two visits I can boost my hip press to 300 pounds, work on getting a half hour of cardio in, boost the curl weight to 120 pounds and hopefully boost to 190 pound curl presses and boost each visit.

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