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God Damned Arm Triangle not being sinkable!

So I've been doing this phasic training routine for about a week now. And I've found it to be "pretty okay" to quote my favorite Martial Arts movie-master! Its working my legs in just the manner I had hoped, imagine that simple resistance working the way you want it to! I feel my kicks being a little faster every with the first time this may all be in my head, but as it seems to be apparently geometric it also has the potential to not's hoping its the latter!

So yesterday is the main focus of this entry, it was about the first time in forever and a decade I'd actually trained for MMA. I can't articulate in any words how good it felt to land a 9-3 elbow in the dirty boxing clinch on my regular sparring partner. Or land a couple knees to the body, also, I really loved the feeling of a 6-12 elbow to the diaphram. Its a nice feeling.

We also had another of my companionaros who's expressed interest, but lacks a lot of technical knowledge. He makes up for this by being one of the most slippery escape artist style f*ucks out there! I showed him several things technically speaking, but it was natural ability that made it fun!

We started in the dirty boxing clinch against the wall, we grappled outward, I went for a hip toss, but his weight fell on the back of my knee and I I guess knee toss not hip toss! His lack of technical knowledge played a big part in me not getting subbed. At one point at the end he'd managed to pt me in a nice leg lock, but instead of locking it up with a leg triangle, he had his foot on top of his knee, not underneath. I went to show him the problem, but he aggrivated an old achilles injury. Suffice to say he was out of a few!

My main sparring partner and I jumped into it and I have to say we have never as a whole attempted so many submissions over the course of only a couple minutes. If memory serves, it was a combined total of 6 submissions(seven if you count submission due to hypoxia) in less than 5 minutes. Armbar, heel hook, another armbar, a triangle, a kimora, and another armbar. I sprawled his takedown initially, which was a positive, then I got doubel underhooks, epic failed 3, count 'em 3, leg sweeps before accepting I'll have to use a hip toss.

I grappled with my new additional sparring partner again. I managed to get a takedown via hip toss (I can't seem to succeed with anything else!) and fell into half guard. I set up an Arm Triangle there and slid my leg free into side control. I tried to scoot further around towards his head to add more pressure, but there wasn't enough room (God Damned walls! Why God why? Why won't you let me sink an arm triangle!) and instead used the attempt to transition to the mount. I tried to slip on a triangle during the transition, but he submitted due to exhaustion. His cardio is his only real major weakness.

Overall, a happy day. I used a few things that I'd learned from the glorious Tube of Yous and am a little blown away by how much I've absorbed, I think "learned" is too strong of a word, through just watching something. I have also found, that while I enjoy striking, I'm also starting to really enjoy grappling. I've also found a BJJ school that coinsides nicely with my work hours. I'll have to stop by there and sit in on their classes at some point in the future!

Dietwise. I thought I was having a resurgance of poor dieting, until I looked back and realized how very little I have been eating in comparison to the same time three-six months ago. If I can keep up this level of training and eat at this level on the reg, I should be able to make my fighting weight with plenty of time to spare!

On another note. I'm adding a "Pyche segment" to my posts from now on, sort of to map out how my mind is working as I'm training. For today, its pretty simple: Bitches is bitches and ladies is ladies. Why's the ratio gotta be so poor?

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