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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
It's also referred to as shadow sparring. It's lame and not practical in any way shape or form other than what I described above.

You would not believe the amount of kids, and adults, who seem to live for that shit. They go to 8-10-12 tournaments a year, and get incredibly into it.

Pad work was incredibly fun, except my partner gassed and I had to get a woman to replace him.
ah, i always wondered :P

you know i dont think ive ever had someone gas while holding my pads. although i have been throwing a combo and lost my balance and awkwardly hit the pad hard as a mouse and made a weird groaning noise that earned me a look of disappointment and pity. hate when that happens >_<

Originally Posted by TheGrizzlyBear View Post
well looks like everything is all set for me to fight, the doctor was to "busy" to stop and sign my paperwork so i had to leave it there and pick it up tomorrow...
good luck in your fight

I went to the last follow up with a counselor to see how I was doing with things. He was one of those obvious homosexuals. which I dont mind, but there was this point in the session where he looks at me and says "I hope you know you are a strong and beautiful man" was kind of awkward but hey no more group meetings talking about random crap.

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