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Brazilian Class

Warmup, Technique was butterfly guard passes. Take a headlock on them, place other hand on the mat inside their leg, backstep as you pull their head with the headlock and drive the other hand like you're turning a steering wheel. Drilled from open guard and I got a pleasant reminder of my awful open guard ability. I had to go with Sambo guy and passed with ease! Awesome. In rolling I had a losing positional battle with a smaller brown and a similar sized blue.


Shadowboxing, drilled simple combos with partner, rounds on the bag with partner. Luckily two guys near my size spoke a bit of english and helped translate the instructor. The boxing instructor is hilarious. I have no idea what he's saying, aside from "gringo" but he yells at me anyways while people laugh at me. It's a playful racial insulting though. Finished with rounds doing shadow sparring and then an assload of pushups and abs. Boxing class is perfect for what I need. Friendly, casual, not too difficult to do right after BJJ, and gives me freedom to work on my slacking fundamentals...aiming to do it again friday night.

It's wednesday and I've got 6 sessions in so far this week. Good pace!
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