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Home workout

Hello, Well i've been weight lifting before, recently i have stopped do to no gains at all, and no weight loss.
I workout at home, my bench has been maxed at 100lbs and i hate that and i don't have the money to get more weights. So i'm lookin towards more odd object, and body weight, But i have been doing body weight, Other than the pushups it takes me way more time to get any type of "burn" than i have, My workout's can last too 2 hours sometimes, just to actually get a burn, or soo, yes i do work out hard, but squats do not do the work they should,
So basically i do not want a quick fix 5 min workout, i'm willing to work out 45 minutes a day, Only if it does what it needs to do and not just a waste, So i'm wondering what are some excersises i can do, Body weight and any others. I do not need the actual workout, i can do that, becasue i know what i need personally and i'll tweek it over and over during the week to fit what i need, Thank you,

also is it possible to work slowly into pull ups i am 230 lb's (droppin to 200 for wrestling) and i want to do pullups but there too "hard" because i weight to much (and by hard i mean i can't get up i can somtimes get to about third up then i just plain can't do nothing.

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