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Originally Posted by the_beast View Post
Hello, Well i've been weight lifting before, recently i have stopped do to no gains at all, and no weight loss.
I workout at home, my bench has been maxed at 100lbs and i hate that and i don't have the money to get more weights. So i'm lookin towards more odd object, and body weight, But i have been doing body weight, Other than the pushups it takes me way more time to get any type of "burn" than i have, My workout's can last too 2 hours sometimes, just to actually get a burn, or soo, yes i do work out hard, but squats do not do the work they should,
So basically i do not want a quick fix 5 min workout, i'm willing to work out 45 minutes a day, Only if it does what it needs to do and not just a waste, So i'm wondering what are some excersises i can do, Body weight and any others. I do not need the actual workout, i can do that, becasue i know what i need personally and i'll tweek it over and over during the week to fit what i need, Thank you,

also is it possible to work slowly into pull ups i am 230 lb's (droppin to 200 for wrestling) and i want to do pullups but there too "hard" because i weight to much (and by hard i mean i can't get up i can somtimes get to about third up then i just plain can't do nothing.
Have you heard of the program "P90X"? or muscle confusion? look into it, all I can say is it works tremendously! not from my experience but my brother. the prgram is all muscle confusion which helps tear and build muscle. for instance lets say you work out your back and chest, choose certain work-outs that will work-out these main sections of your body but instead of for instance bench press 3 sets straight through and onto the next work-out, do one set of bench press then go onto another work-out until you have done 1 set of each different work-out, but dont try and max out because you will burn all of your energy out on the 1st round. Doing those 1 sets of each work-out is 1 Main set, now try and do 2 or 3 Main sets but switch up the work-out always starting with a different part like pull-ups and ending with bench press. Also since you are 230 and want to drop 30lbs hit the gym and run like crazy if you have a lot of fat. If you're trying to lose muscle then high reps low weights, you know the drill. Ill write up a example work-out from the program later if you would like. I tried doing it and was burned out the first couples times. So go easy the first couple times until you think you can do more and understand what your body is feeling after each Main set.


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