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Today was a beautiful day so I went to the beach and accidentally got a bit drunk. I drank a 6 hour energy thing before training and the buzz slowly wore off over the course of the workout. Oops.


Warmup stuff, closed guard pass drills. I passed sambo guys guard . Had 4 rolls, two browns, two blues. Submitted one of the blues with an armbar from mounted triangle, and beat another positionally. Survived around in a brown belts guard but got tapped a couple times by the other.


Just sparring today. Man this class is weird. They told me sparring with no power, which I did until the guy started getting inside and throwing haymakers, lol. Then he was pressuring me against the cage, okay, boxing clinching, nope! he goes for the takedown. Anyways, once I adjusted to what the hell was going on I did well. Got to boxing spar with a brown belt, it's nice to see a brown belt moving awkward for a change. =)
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